Meet Lis Kraycik, CMT, ART®


Active Release Technique (ART®)


Break up adhesions in soft tissue caused by overuse with a short series of treatments.

Functional Movement Assessment


Receive a functional movement assessment (SFMA) to identify the source of pain and eliminate it.

Sports Massage Therapy


Get ready for an event, stay healthy training, and recover faster.

Tui Na Massage


Remove blockages that prevent qi from flowing freely and experience improved energy balance and greater health and vitality.

Recovery Station


Enjoy independent Pre/Post-Workout NormaTec sessions using the most advanced athlete recovery system by simply booking a time slot online. Theraguns available for use. Bring friends and check out our Community Days!

Classes + Seminars


Stay tuned for special seminars and classes in the fall! 

Client Testimonials

Brad C.

"Before I first started seeing Eunice for massage therapy, I had a labral hip tear, hip bursitis, and spondylolisthesis at L5-S1. I could barely walk and only with assistance of a cane when I first started to be treated. Eunice is the best massage therapist I have had the pleasure of working with. Along with my physical therapist and doctors, I am able to walk cane free at 37. Thank you Eunice for all your help!"

Terry C.

"We invited Eunice to our wellness event to perform massages on a group of physicians.  The massages were very well received.  Everyone felt relaxed and great afterwards.  Eunice was a wonderful person to do business, very professional, punctual and good with communication."

Alex L.

"Over the last year I've been hitting the gym aggressively, and managed to tweak my neck and shoulder badly. Knowing I needed to see a really talented massage/ART specialist, I lucked out when I found Eunice. She took an incredibly detailed and careful approach to my treatment, and in a matter of 4 sessions over 2 weeks had me back to 100%. Her attention to detail, ability to listen and interpret my feedback, and then dig into the problem was exactly what I needed."

Gina C.

"I have been dealing with a lot of neck pain and tension over the last several months so scheduled a session with Eunice. She really took the incentive to work all the muscles in my back, shoulders and chest that effect the tightness in my neck. I have to say this girl has some great strength in her hands because she gave me a deeper massage than I was expecting. I noticed a big difference afterwards. I highly recommend her for therapeutic massage."

Alex B.

"I received a two hour massage from Eunice recently. Excellent. Truly excellent. She has a fantastic technique and is extremely knowledgeable of muscular anatomy. I would highly recommend her to anybody, even if you're not a fan of massage you'll get hooked real quick."

Kathleen B.

"I have had massage therapy over the years.  An accident resulted in hip replacements, fractured lower back, shoulder replacement and severe arthritis in my neck and right shoulder.  Have found I have chronic pain for the last few years.  I was fortunate that someone told me about Eunice.  After 60 to 90 min. Sessions with her I always feel great relief from the pain I experience.  She listens to my needs and it is obvious very well trained."


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