About Us

Eunice Lee, CMT, ART ®, SFMA


Eunice's journey into bodywork began when she was a young aspiring concert pianist. Amidst countless hours of practices and performances, she developed a repetitive strain hand injury that interrupted her collegiate studies at Oberlin Conservatory. While taking a break and working with an integrative team (Chiropractor, Pilates Instructor, and Massage Therapist), she was able to relieve chronic tension, strengthen weaknesses in her body, and learn to move more efficiently. During this time, Eunice realized a performance career was not her true calling. Instead, she discovered a genuine passion in health and wellness. Upon graduating college in 2003, she completed a 750 hour massage therapy program and has enjoyed being in the field for 15 years. She is passionate about operating YOUU-NESS, a company embracing an integrative and customized treatment team approach. 

As an active person and former marathoner, Eunice also developed a special interest in working with athletes. She is full body certified in Active Release Technique (ART ®) and Long Tract Nerve Entrapment. Eunice loves to continue advancing her knowledge and has acquired additional hours in specialized trainings including cadaver studies, methods of Structural Integration, Orthopedic Massage, Feldenkrais, and Sports Massage. She is certified in SFMA to assess functional movement patterns. Eunice enjoys working in a collaborative team environment including physical therapy, chiropractic, and high level personal training. She enjoys customizing sessions to meet anyone who walks through the door whether an avid gardener, orchestral musician, computer worker, or athlete. Eunice has a strong interest in injury prevention and pain management and enjoys providing high quality bodywork in San Luis Obispo County.

When not in the office, Eunice enjoys being active outdoors, creating, traveling, listening to live music, cooking, and spending time with her corgi Mocha and partner Tom. She is passionate about building community and supporting social and environmental causes. Eunice has a special interest in working with at risk youth and families.

David Johnson, DC, SFMA, FMT


David's adventure into health and wellness began many years ago following a traumatic motorcycle accident. At the age of thirteen he spent over a month in Valley Children's Hospital fighting to recover and learn to use his lower extremities all over again. Following this trauma, David spent nearly 6 months in physical therapy and training to develop symmetry of motion in his body. Being so enveloped by the world of rehab and what it had shown him, he began the journey to becoming a specialist in movement and patterns of the body.

After high school, David received his Bachelors in Exercise Science and Physiology from Fresno State. During college, he was one of two selected to provide corporate wellness and training for POM Wonderful. He volunteered at Fresno Community Hospital and physical therapy clinics until he was hired as a physical therapy aide. After graduation, he worked full time in physical therapy fine tuning his eye for movement discrepancies but knew there was more to come.

In June of 2019, David graduated Salutatorian and received the Clinical Excellence Award from Palmer College of Chiropractic West. He holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic and many certifications including SFMA, ELDOA, FAKTR and Rocktape. He has informal training in FRC, DNS, and ART®.

David is interested in providing very high-quality and individualized movement screening and training. Helping people move better and in turn feel better for treatment is training and training is treatment. His approach is to find the areas causing dysfunction, treating the underlying problem not the symptom.

When not in a clinic setting you will find David on the move around the San Luis Obispo area. He is an avid hiker/fisherman who loves the outdoors. He also loves playing baseball, boxing, and running spartan races. When not doing physical activities, you will most likely find him in a seminar or teaching mobility classes to MMA fighters and athletes alike. He is passionate about becoming a part of the San Luis Obispo community providing movement to those in need from fighters to college students to any and all in need.

Elisabeth (Lis) Kraycik, CMT


Elisabeth discovered her talent in massage therapy early on in life. She remembers giving her mother massages as a child using her hands to offer relief. Elisabeth is a graduate from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine’s Associate of Applied Sciences program with over 1000 hours of instruction in Eastern bodywork modalities. Her work is deeply influenced by the field of acupuncture. 

As an avid rock climber, mountain biker, and former competitive ultra marathon runner, Elisabeth’s active lifestyle necessitates an understanding of self care that she transfers to her massage practice. Integrating her in depth study of proper body alignment and specialized skills in Tui Na, Thai, & Shiatsu massage, her goal is to restore functional mobility to her clientele. Elisabeth uses oscillating techniques to pacify the central nervous system and focuses on specific pressure points to release adhesions in deep tissue, promoting active range of motion. Elisabeth enjoys working with anyone who may need help and has a special interest in working with athletes and oncology patients. In the past, she worked with patients at the San Diego Hospice and The Institute for Palliative Medicine and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Clinic. 

In addition to massage therapy, Elisabeth has completed two 250 hr. yoga teacher trainings in Kundinyasa and Hatha yoga. She has taught yoga classes at a yoga studio and Crossfit gym and taught massage therapy techniques. She enjoys teaching workshops and classes and sharing her knowledge with the community. Elisabeth is also trained as a wilderness and urban first responder and EMT. 

When Elisabeth is not working on people, she can be found climbing any mountain in the high Sierras, backpacking, hiking with her hound puppy on the central coast, mountain biking, practicing yoga and pilates, or reading by the lake.